Wanderluster and native Southerner,

Elizabeth has lived, studied and taught yoga around the world. MA, E-RYT200 and RYT500, she teaches in The Kaivalya Yoga Method, a style in both the Ashtanga and Jivamukti lineages that emphasizes intelligent sequencing, precise hands-on adjustments, yoga philosophy, humor and heart. She is also a certified prenatal yoga instructor. Elizabeth leads international yoga retreats for The Travel Yogi and currently teaches at Form Yoga, Solstice Yoga & Barre and the Mandarin Oriental hotel and spa.


She has written about wellness, yoga and lifestyle for Happiness & Wellbeing, MindBodyGreen, Mantra Yoga + Health, Tathaastu, Om Yoga & Lifestyle, The Huffington Post and more. Elizabeth currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia - and continues to search for the Sanskrit equivalent of “y’all”. She is honored to rep and support Splits59, Michi, Blooming Lotus Jewelry and MyInsens.


As truth seekers and yogis, we are inherently alchemists.


Constantly in pursuit of our highest selves and that of one another, we are on an eyes wide open quest for challenges as a means to evolution - again and again and again. We experience many a shiftshow and we live to tell.


When we first think of alchemy, it is often as the ancient practice of turning lead into gold. Looking deeper, we find that alchemy was and is very much a spiritual pursuit.

Like yoga, it’s an inside job.


Alchemy’s transformation of materials from base metal to gold, of beings from mortal to immortal, of our very essence from ego to enlightened, aligns beautifully with the practice of yoga. Alchemy and yoga alike present fascinating similarities in terms of this transformation. A union of opposites, the harnessing and raising of energy and quest for our highest selves permeate both.


A mix of scientific principles, religions, magic, spirituality, metaphor and mythology, alchemy’s end goal manifests in yoga as one of surrender, self-realization and freedom from suffering. Playing with the alchemical fire encourages just that.


In my classes, workshops and retreats, we make the most of change in our lives. We move through a strong vinyasa practice in The Kaivalya Yoga Method, generating heat, our spiritual fire tapasya. We awaken the body’s three primary energetic channels, or nadis, that correspond with three alchemical phases of shift. Intelligent sequencing along the chakras heightens consciousness and supports the union of energetic opposites. Hands-on adjustments enhance our tool for transformation, asanas in the physical body. Guided meditation brings it on home. Music, laughter and real talk make this ancient practice approachable for modern yogis.


This is the practice of a lifetime, to be sure: pursuing a continual cycle toward rebirth, refinement, enlightenment. Transforming our most base characteristics, experiences, baggage into something of superlative value, even when it takes effort and sweat and tears. This is alchemy. This is the alchemy of yoga.

Join me. Let’s play with fire.


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