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Overheard amid the yoga high.

“Yoga with Elizabeth is better than sex." - Amber R.


"One of the top instructors in the Southeast." - Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group


"Such an amazing private session yesterday. It was very moving for me. Returning to the mat was something I've avoided for months and I am so, so grateful to be back with you to help lead me." -Becky J.


"I’ve attended Elizabeth’s classes both in Atlanta and recently on a week long trip with The Travel Yogi in Baja, Mexico. She shares stories from yoga texts before each class, applies them to real life situations and carries that into a mentally and physically challenge throughout each practice. She is committed throughout the class to adjusting postures to perfect form and to push everyone to that place just beyond the comfort zone- where change happens. The combination of these techniques has deepened my practice in just a few months, after having practiced for a few years with little change. In Baja, our group had a concentrated dose of her unique style, which helped to make our trip a life changing experience. Elizabeth’s classes are the entire ‘experience’ that is yoga." -Emily B.


"Elizabeth Rowan is a great Yoga Teacher. Period. I got to know her through a Yoga retreat that she led. It was an amazing life changing experience for me. In this world of faux Yoga gurus with all the fads and the theories and the brands, she keeps it simple. I am from India and I wish I had her for a teacher growing up. She even knows a little Sanskrit. Respect. In fact her grasp of the sutras makes me think she was an Indian Yogini in her previous life. If you are looking for the right blend of a meditative, spiritual and physical class, Elizabeth is the one you should be going to. I know I am. 

And what do I say about her adjustments. My body felt better, energized and ready to go. Like the goddess Saraswati, she will play the harmonium and impart knowledge. She knows her (pardon my french) merde and I can't wait to take her classes again. She is the Dhamaka (da bomb). Om Shanti Om." -Vishal H.


"I just got back from my 4th yoga retreat with The Travel Yogi. This one was to Reykjavik, Iceland. We hit the jackpot: Elizabeth Rowan is a treasure. She did a great job of paying attention to the desires of the group and shaping our events to meet the desires of 15 different people. We were 16 strangers at the beginning of the week and left feeling like friends for life. Magic." - Gordon O.


“Costa Rica Full Moon Magic Retreat” with Elizabeth was, quite simply, the best week of my life. The locale, in concert with the wonderfully talented, comprehensive and good-humored yoga instruction provided by Elizabeth Rowan made for a truly unforgettable week... I am truly grateful for the retreat that The Travel Yogi brought in to my life, and highly recommend Elizabeth for future retreats. I cannot overstate how wonderful and unforgettable the experience was." -Matthew M.


After taking a hiatus from my practice for a few years, I couldn't have asked for a better person to reintroduce me to yoga than Elizabeth. Her teaching style is precise and attentive, and she has a sense of humor and worldly humility that make her the ideal person to learn from and practice with. She is a radiant soul with an infectious positivity, and is a pleasure to know on the mat and off." -Vaida M.


"Thank you to Oh Baby! Fitness prenatal yoga classes with Elizabeth Rowan! I delivered today using the coordinated pushing method and my beautiful daughter was born in less than 5 minutes with very little tearing. I was talking calmly throughout the delivery. Thank you!!" -Aileen M.


"Thank you Elizabeth for the most AMAZING experience in Aruba! Thank you for your illuminating spirit, deep sense of commitment to your practice, the most amazing precise adjustments and fluid, inspirational classes. You helped me reach a new level with my practice & I am very grateful. Namaste." -Robbin M.


"Just wanted to say thank you for everything you taught me in your prenatal yoga class! You are an amazing teacher, support and inspiration. Thanks to some awesome breathing techniques this yoga mama pushed out an almost 9lb baby in 30min. You're the best!" -Jacinda D.


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